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About Georgia


Historically and geographically, Georgia belongs to the emerging market ecosystem where investors generally expect a higher return on investment, due to potential capital losses linked to geopolitical risks and administrative opacity. In Georgia, an oasis of stability and transparency, you will be supported by Kinor, his in-depth knowledge of the local market and his financial engineering which constantly optimizes the ratio of the expected return to the accepted risk.
The Industry standard on mature markets where all parameters are met: banking system, political and economic stability, financial and currency stability, investors do not expect more than 1% from the bank or 3-4 times that in an investment fund.

Emerging markets and their banking systems often offer “risk-free” returns ranging from 5 to 8%, so it is a must for investment firms to promise their investors annual returns of 10 to 15% in an environment where risk is poorly controlled. Georgia is unique in that, while being considered an emerging market, the country exhibits markers of political and economic stability, transparent administration and efficient banking system, which rival those of mature markets.


Thanks to Kinor’s expertise in risk assessment and unique financial engineering processes implemented by the management team based on over 20 years of experience in various financial markets, we anticipate annual returns double-digit with a well-controlled risk.

With Kinor expertise in identifying risks, and unique financial engineering processes implemented by the management team based on more than 20+ years of experience in varied financial markets, we project double digit annual returns that can reach up to  20%.

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